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                    Twilight Zone Of West PacificEcosystem Research   



      TOWER will fill the knowledge gap and deliver new knowledge of ecosystem in the twilight zone of the Western Pacific Ocean by

estimating the impact of environmental changes on ecosystem of the twilight zone of the Western Pacific Ocean. The environmental

changes may be accounted for water current and surface ocean production, but also come increasingly from human activities and climate

 change.With invention of new sampling and observation instruments, this project will obtain high-quality in situ time-course samples and

images of organisms in different size scales and carry out long-term monitoring of water current and geochemical factors.This requires

tight cooperations between our engineers and scientists to fulfill the goal of TOWER to achieve world class modeling and quantification

of vertical element cycles in the twilight zone.

      The South China Sea (SCS) as a part of the Western Pacific Ocean is under high impacts of open oceans and human activities.

TOWER will put efforts in understanding the dynamics and formation of SCS twilight ecosystem.This will help policy makers to estimate

the ecological crisis in SCS under unlimited discharge of wastes and extensive fishery resource harvesting.


  TOWER is supported by Shenzhen Pengcheng Scholar grant and National Natural Science Fundation of China.

 Our Team   Shenzhen International Graduate School of Tsinghua University, University of Vienna and University of Maryland



 Prof Yong Wang        Dr. Jin Zhou       Ms. Yiqing Li

 Team Leader                 Science Coordinator        Project Manager

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